White Papers and Conference Presentations

Links to white papers and conference presentations discussing various aspects of AllCell's technology and products can be accessed below:

Peer Reviewed Technical Publications

Peer reviewed technical journal publications validating the benefits and performance of AllCell's PCM technology are referenced below.  

  • Abdalla Alrashdan, Ahmad Turki Mayyas, Said Al-Hallaj, “Thermo-mechanical behaviors of the expanded graphite-phase change material matrix used for thermal management of Li-ion battery packs”,  Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 210, Issue 1, (2010), 174-179
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  • R. Sabbah, R. Kizilel, J. R. Selman, S. Al-Hallaj, ”Active (air-cooled) vs. passive (phase change material) thermal management of high power lithium-ion packs: Limitation of temperature rise and uniformity of temperature distribution”, Journal of Power Sources, 182, (2008), 630-638
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