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We are thrilled to announce that AllCell Technologies has been acquired by Beam Global, a clean technology leader that also develops, patents, designs, engineers and manufactures unique and advanced clean mobility solutions. AllCell continues to produce advanced compact, lightweight, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries in the Broadview Illinois facility with our team of world-class engineers and battery experts.

We make safer Li-ion batteries.  As a values-driven business, AllCell Technologies is committed to producing lightweight and compact battery packs with extended cycle-life and industry-leading safety.

Our Technologies


Phase Change Composite (PCC™) is AllCell's passive thermal management technology. It is used to increase power density, dramatically extend life and improve safety.  


AllCell modules feature our patented PCC™ thermal management technology, and can be configured to cover virtually all market voltage and capacity requirements.


AllCell’s BMS architecture is flexible and scalable, with multi-layered safety functions and monitoring, and smart communication for simple system integration.

Product Applications & Markets Served



  • Personal/Utility Vehicles

  • Last Mile Delivery

  • Lawn & Garden Equipment


Communication Network Backup Power

  • Distributed/Remote Station Backup Power

  • Communication Antenna Backup Power


Industrial Material Handling & Robotics

  • Aerial & Light-Duty Construction Equipment

  • Industrial Material Handling Robotics

  • Fork Trucks

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  • Auxiliary Power Units

  • Diesel Generator Replacement

  • Hoteling APU/Anti-Idling

  • Emergency Vehicle Auxiliary Power

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