Custom Solutions

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Rapid prototyping

Designing a new product or application is time-consuming.  AllCell’s expert technical team includes mechanical, electrical, chemical, and computer science engineers accustomed to demanding deadlines and the highest quality requirements.  Batteries can be complicated, and you have plenty to worry about, so let us remove battery design from your to-do list.  Your design team focus on the other components of your product while AllCell’s experienced team takes care of the battery design.

Custom geometry, capacity, power, and size

AllCell is more than a battery vendor.  Our experienced team of engineers work as your partner, designing the optimal battery system given your geometric, power, energy, weight, and cost requirements.  Contact us with your specifications and we will collaborate with you to quickly develop a world-class solution for your application.

Affordable low-volume manufacturing

AllCell recently upgraded our production facility in Chicago specifically so that we can specialize in economic low-volume manufacturing.  We want to build lifelong partnerships with our customers so that we can grow with your business, and nothing is more important to our joint success than the critical first year of product launch.  AllCell has made the investments in a flexible production process that allows us to keep costs low even at low volumes.

Solar energy integration

Integrating a lithium-ion battery and solar panels is not always simple.  It is critical to make sure all of the pieces of your system work well together.  AllCell’s battery experts can help you find the right solar panels and power electronics for your application.  Lithium-ion batteries have a different charging profile than lead acid batteries, but many off-the-shelf charge controllers and inverters can be easily reprogrammed to work with lithium-ion.  Give us a call and we will be happy to work with to ensure you get it right the first time.

Safe and Legal Shipping

Shipping lithium-ion batteries safely and legally has become an increasingly important concern for the entire industry.  AllCell strictly adheres to all domestic and international shipping regulations and rules and assists customers with UN/IATA certification, hazardous materials regulations, and training (click here for more information).  Don’t put your business at risk – partner with AllCell to ensure your product is transported legally and safely.

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