We Make Safer
Li-Ion Batteries

As a values-driven business, AllCell Technologies is committed to producing lightweight and compact battery packs with extended cycle-life and industry-leading safety.

Our Technologies

Phase Change Composite (PCC) is AllCell's passive thermal management technology. It is used to dramatically extend the life of the cells and prevent fire or damage to the battery.  

AllCell modules feature our patented PCC™ thermal management technology, and can be configured to cover virtually all market voltage and capacity requirements.

BMS Technology

AllCell’s BMS architecture is flexible and scalable, with multi-layered safety functions and monitoring, as well as the ability to integrate with third-party modules.

Product Applications & Markets Served



  • Personal/Utility Vehicles

  • Last Mile Delivery

  • Lawn & Garden Equipment


Communication Network Backup Power

  • Distributed/Remote Station Backup Power

  • Communication Antenna Backup Power

Industrial Material Handling & Robotics

  • Aerial & Light-Duty Construction Equipment

  • Industrial Material Handling Robotics

  • Fork Trucks

truck _edited.jpg


  • Auxiliary Power Units

  • Diesel Generator Replacement

  • Hoteling APU/Anti-Idling

  • Emergency Vehicle Auxiliary Power