PCC™ Thermal Management

Heat is a lithium-ion battery’s greatest enemy.  Batteries generate heat  when they discharge electricity, and they are often placed in hot environments or in direct sunlight.  Regardless of the source of the heat or the specific battery chemistry, when lithium-ion batteries get too hot, three bad things can happen: cycle life decreases, battery performance decreases, and the risk of a battery fire or explosion increases.

AllCell has found a solution to the thermal management challenge that is simple, lightweight, low cost, and passive.  AllCell uses a phase change material combined with graphite to manufacture a composite material that provides effective protection against heat.  When integrated into a lithium-ion battery pack, AllCell’s phase change composite (PCCTM) provides three key benefits:

  •  Prevents Thermal Runaway
  •  Extends Cycle Life
  •  Absorbs Environmental Heat

How It Works
The lithium-ion cells in the battery pack are placed in direct contact with our PCC.  As the pack heats up, the graphite spreads the heat evenly throughout the pack, avoiding hot spots and ensuring temperature uniformity.  Once the temperature reaches the melting point of the PCC, all additional thermal energy is absorbed by the melting process rather than continuing to raise the temperature.  

Even though the PCC is “melting” the composite material itself remains solid even at extremely high temperatures and nothing leaks out.  By selecting different raw materials and designing with each product’s lithium-ion chemistry and duty cycle in mind, AllCell can control the maximum temperature in each pack to ensure optimal performance. 

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