Lithium-ion Battery Packs and Systems

AllCell has developed several lines of standard battery packs and systems to fit a variety of customer requirements, from e-bike batteries to grid-connected systems.  If one of the standard batteries below does not satisfy your needs, AllCell also designs and produces custom batteries or the SP Block™ multi-cell building block that could be the right solution.  AllCell’s proprietary PCC™ thermal management material is integrated into every type of battery, improving cycle life, performance, and safety.


A variety of simple batteries ranging in size from 250 Wh –     7.6 kWh and in voltage from 24V – 52V.  

Grid-Tied Energy Storage

 Grid-connected lithium-ion battery systems of up to   300 kWh, ideal for frequency regulation, demand charge reduction, grid-buffering, back-up, and other applications.
  MG 9042 v2  


Where Can I Buy an AllCell Battery?

AllCell sells batteries directly to manufacturers, distributors, and bike shops - contact us for more information. Consumers who would like to buy a battery or purchase a bike equipped with one of our batteries can contact one of the following AllCell customers: