Energy Storage Systems


Lightweight, Heat-Resistant, and Safe


A wide variety of energy storage products are under development or already in the market today, with different technologies suited for different applications and scale.  AllCell’s modular lithium-ion batteries were designed specifically for applications where size, weight, ambient heat, safety, and cycle life are of particular concern.  AllCell produces standard modules and custom-designed systems for customers in the US and abroad.  Each product includes AllCell’s patented thermal management technology that protects each cell from overheating, improves energy density, cycle life, and safety.  Click on the links below for product brochure and data sheets:



Product brochure

1.3 kWh Li-ion module data sheet

2.7 kWh Li-ion module data sheet

5.4 kWh Li-ion module data sheet


Hot Environments

Heat is a battery’s worst enemy, whether from internal or external sources.  AllCell’s proprietary thermal management technology can passively absorb environmental heat all day long, keeping cells cool even during discharge and when the battery is exposed in direct sunlight in hot climates.  While other batteries quickly lose cycle life in hot conditions (e.g. in lead acid batteries, for every 15 degrees above 77F, battery life is cut in half), AllCell batteries remain cool without any need for expensive air conditioning systems.


See our white paper comparing the economics of lithium-ion and lead acid battery systems for more details.


Maximum Safety

AllCell’s innovative phase change material (PCM) was originally designed to prevent overheating and fires in large lithium-ion battery systems.  Internal and external testing has demonstrated the technology’s ability to passively protect against thermal runaway propagation (click here for publications), and AllCell’s PCM has passed the UL 94 V-0 flammability test.



AllCell’s industry-leading combination of small, lightweight, and long-lasting energy storage is ideal for a variety of applications, including:

-          Portable and mobile solar energy systems, especially for military and emergency response

-          Rooftop systems, including back-up power for telecommunications installations

-          Off-grid energy storage, particularly in locations where transportation or maintenance is difficult or expensive

Custom Design

AllCell has deep experience designing custom solutions for our customers, including tailored power, energy, weight, volume, and shape requirements.  Please contact us for more information.

Demonstrated Success

AllCell energy storage systems are helping our customers deliver improved performance every day.  Click on the links below to review case studies from our customers:


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