AllCell Overview

AllCell Technologies is dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of high power lithium-ion battery systems.  Our company offers a game changing, customized thermal management solution for applications such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric automobiles, electric bikes, and electric scooters.  Our patented technology solves the safety issues that have prevented the use of lithium-ion batteries in high power applications and makes them a viable power source for electric powered vehicles.

Using phase change material (PCM) our technology absorbs the heat generated from lithium-ion cells, reduces safety risks associated with catastrophic thermal runaway, and doubles the life of the battery pack.  Compared to alternative cooling systems that use air, liquid, or refrigerant (i.e. Freon), our passive thermal management system offers a simple, proven, light weight, and cost effective solution.  Greater details about the application and functionality of our products can be found in the products and technology sections.


Founded in 2001, AllCell's technology is based on material developed at the Illinois Institute of Technology's (IIT) electrochemical engineering labs for various applications including the US Army's soldier of the future program.


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