Electric Scooter

Add power and range to your electric scooter with an AllCell enhanced lithium-ion battery pack

Electric scooters are designed for everyday commuting, which requires a battery that can rack up the miles without losing range. For one customer that was already using a lithium-ion battery, AllCell used higher energy cells to increase the range of its scooter from 24 miles to 32 miles without increasing the battery volume. For a battery pack that gets 1,000 cycles, this equals an extra 8,000 miles over the life of the battery. It also means less warranty claims and more satisfied customers.


AllCell is able to use high energy cells without sacrificing power or life because its proprietary phase change material (PCM) is able to manage the heat generated during discharge. AllCell’s PCM also allows the scooter to operate at high power in hot environments without going into “Turtle” mode due to an overheated battery.


We currently offer 48V, 19Ah turn-key batteries which are being field tested under the most demanding conditions.  Custom solutions can also be designed to meet any of you scooter's unique requirements.


Demonstrated Success

AllCell scooter batteries are helping our customers deliver improved performance every day.  Click on the links below to review case studies from our customers:


Matra Case Study

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