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Reduce roof loads

Whether for telecommunications towers, solar storage, or back-up power, if you need energy storage on your roof, it needs to be light and compact.  Buildings are not always designed to handle the addition of bulky and heavy energy storage systems.  Avoid the need for structural reinforcements or other costly retrofits by using AllCell’s compact and lightweight lithium-ion batteries.  Our systems are up to four times lighter than the equivalent lead acid system.

Protection from solar soaking

If you put it on your roof, it is going to bake in the sun on hot days.  In lead acid systems, for every 15 degrees the temperature averages above 77° Fahrenheit, battery life is cut in half.  In standard lithium-ion systems the impact is not as severe, but high average temperatures still degrade life.   Air conditioning systems are bulky, heavy, and expensive, but there’s a better way to keep your batteries cool.  AllCell’s technology can passively absorb environmental heat all day long, keeping cells cool even during discharge and when the battery is exposed to direct sunlight in hot climates.  The day’s heat is then naturally released back into the environment when the sun goes down.

Minimize installation, maintenance, and replacement costs

Lightweight and compact energy storage systems are easier to install, especially when the installation location is the roof.  With no regular maintenance required and extended cycle life, AllCell battery modules minimize O&M expenses as well as cost per charging cycle.

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