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Avoid costly grid-connections

The farther away from the grid you are, the more expensive it is to provide a dependable supply of electricity.  Transmission lines often cost more than $1 million per mile to install, yet there are vast areas of the world that are far from the closest electrical line.  Generators are expensive, as is purchasing and transporting the fuel to run them.  Sometimes even simple grid inter-connects can cost more than a simple solar and energy storage system.  As the costs of solar panels and batteries continue to come down, off-grid systems are showing up in more and more places.

Minimize transportation, maintenance, and replacement costs

One of the keys to making the economics of an off-grid system work is minimizing the installation and ongoing operational costs.  The more remote and rugged the installation site, the more important small size, low weight, and maintenance costs become.  Lightweight and compact energy storage systems are easier to transport, install, ultimately replace.  With no regular maintenance required and extended cycle life, AllCell battery modules minimize O&M expenses as well as cost per charging cycle. 

Solar energy integration

Integrating a lithium-ion battery and solar panels is not always simple.  It is critical to make sure all of the pieces of your system work well together.  AllCell’s battery experts can help you find the right solar panels and power electronics for your application.  Lithium-ion batteries have a different charging profile than lead acid batteries, but many off-the-shelf charge controllers and inverters can be easily reprogrammed to work with lithium-ion.  Give us a call and we will be happy to work with to ensure you get it right the first time.

Hot Environments

Heat is a battery’s worst enemy, whether from internal or external sources.  AllCell’s proprietary thermal management technology can passively absorb environmental heat all day long, keeping cells cool even during discharge and when the battery is exposed to direct sunlight in hot climates.  While other batteries quickly lose cycle life in hot conditions (e.g. in lead acid batteries, for every 15 degrees above 77F, battery life is cut in half), AllCell batteries remain cool while minimizing or eliminating expensive air conditioning systems.  With smaller or non-existent air conditioning equipment to power, both panel and battery size are minimized, a significant cost saving.

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