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Safely fit more miles of range into your battery case

Electric scooters and motorcycles have high drive range and power requirements but limited room available for batteries.  High capacity lithium-ion batteries generate a lot of heat.  These twin problems have prevented the development of affordable scooters and motorcycles with the drive range and durability that consumers and fleet customers demand.

The solution?  AllCell’s patented thermal management system safely and effectively limits maximum battery temperature of even the highest energy-density lithium-ion cells, allowing the development of compact, lightweight, and long lasting batteries.  Download our product brochure for more details.

Extend cycle life, even in hot environments

AllCell's patented thermal management technology protects cells from overheating, which dramatically improves cycle life and prevents battery fires and explosions (for more information on our technology, click here).  All Li-ion cells benefit from thermal management.  Whether heat is generated internally during discharge or externally from the environment, it will damage cells if it is not handled properly.  AllCell’s battery keeps cells cool in the hottest climates and on the most demanding rides. 

Custom design and integration

AllCell is more than a battery vendor.  Our experienced team of engineers work as your partner, designing the optimal battery system given your geometric, power, range, and cost requirements.  Contact us with your specifications and we will collaborate with you to quickly develop a world-class solution for your vehicle.

Renewable Energy Integration, Battery Swapping, Fleet Management and More 

AllCell’s innovative engineering team has designed and built systems that include off-grid solar charging stations, battery swapping, on-board solar charging, and fleet data management.  The world of e-mobility is going through a period of rapid growth and change.  To stay competitive will require constant innovation in both products and business models.  Call us to discuss your latest inspiration, and we will partner with you to make it a reality.

Demonstrated Success

AllCell scooter batteries are helping our customers deliver improved performance every day.  Click on the links below to review case studies from our customers:

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eScooter with Swappable Battery Case Study


High Performance eMotorcycle Case Study


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