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Compact, Lightweight, Long-Lasting

AllCell’s high-quality, durable lithium-ion batteries continue to impress customers who need smaller, lighter batteries that last longer than the low-quality batteries so prevalent in the eBike world today.  Protected by our proprietary thermal management technology, AllCell batteries provide the best combination of energy density and cycle life in the industry, allowing you to fit more miles into your battery case and minimize customer returns.  Take a look at our product brochure and data sheets for more information.

Batteries to Meet Your Needs

AllCell is a proven industry leader for electric bike battery needs and can offer both customizable and ready-to-use, stand-alone options. AllCell offers two battery options depending on customer needs.

The Naked Battery

With a wide range of voltage, power, and capacity requirements, AllCell’s Naked™ batteries are the perfect solution for OEM’s, conversions, and upgrades. Naked™ batteries are shipped without a case and are designed to fit into your enclosure, bag, or rack.

The Summit Battery

The Summit™ battery is available for purchase as a stand-alone product. Summit™ features an advanced proprietary battery management system (BMS) with CANbus commucation capabilities featuring 36 and 48 volt versions and capacities up to 17Ah. The Summit™ battery includes an easy to install 2-screw mounting rail and standard connectors making it a perfect fit for most motor brands, conversions and replacements. The Summit™ is available for pre-ordering now and slated for initial deliveries in Q1 of 2014.

In-Frame and Custom Design

AllCell has deep experience designing custom solutions for our customers, including tailored power, energy, weight, volume, and shape requirements.  In particular, in-frame designs require batteries with compact size and excellent thermal management – a perfect fit for AllCell’s technology.  Please contact us for more information.

Cool By Design

AllCell's patented thermal management technology protects cells from overheating, which dramatically improves cycle life and prevents battery fires and explosions (for more information on our technology, click here).  All Li-ion cells benefit from thermal management.  Whether heat is generated internally during discharge or externally from the environment, it will damage cells if it is not handled properly.  AllCell’s battery keeps cells cool in the hottest climates and on the most demanding rides.

Standard 2-Year Warranty

AllCell’s batteries set the standard for quality and durability.  Our combination of high-quality cells and thermal protection allows us to offer a standard two-year warranty on all of our eBike battery packs.

Safe and Legal Shipping

Shipping lithium-ion batteries safely and legally has become an increasingly important concern for the entire industry.  AllCell strictly adheres to all domestic and international shipping regulations and rules and assists customers with UN/IATA certification, hazardous materials regulations, and training (click here for more information).  Don’t put your business at risk – partner with AllCell to ensure your product is transported legally and safely.

Where Can I Buy an AllCell Battery?

AllCell sells batteries directly to manufacturers, distributors, and bike shops - contact us for more information.  Consumers who would like to buy a battery or purchase a bike equipped with one of our batteries can contact one of the following AllCell customers:


Demonstrated Success

AllCell electric bike batteries are helping our customers deliver improved performance every day.  Click on the links to the right to review case studies from a few of our customers.

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