Environmental Sustainability 

Enabling Electric Vehicles

AllCell is enabling the next generation of clean energy vehicles by ensuring the safety and reliability of their power source.  With their inherent advantages of high energy, light weight, and rapid rechargeability; lithium-ion batteries are the ideal choice for use in electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric automobiles.  However, historically, the heat released from these batteries created a safety risk which greatly discouraged their use in these applications.  Therefore, even though the technology exists to produce a high performance, reliable electric automobile, the battery’s safety concerns have caused it to become the bottleneck in the process.


AllCell’s patented phase change material eliminates this bottleneck by guaranteeing the battery’s safety and extending its life.  For light electric vehicles, such as electric bikes and scooters, our technology enables a switch from less efficient and heavier lead and nickel-based batteries to high power, light weight lithium-ion.  


Furthering Fuel Cell Vehicles

While electric vehicles are a key part of the near-term solution to reduce oil consumption and improve air quality, hybrid electric fuel cell vehicles are expected to play a larger role in the long-term.  However, similar to the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles, these fuel cell vehicles will rely greatly on lithium-ion batteries for power.  These vehicles face many significant challenges before they can be mass produced, with one notable issue being the safety of the battery.  By creating a solution which ensures the safety and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, AllCell has eliminated one of the significant road blocks to the commercialization of a hybrid electric fuel cell vehicle.


Direct Environmental Benefits

Additional ways in which AllCell’s technology benefits the environment:
  • Enabling the replacemeent of lead acid batteries with lithium-ion
    • Lithium-ion is a green technology
      • It is 100% recyclable
      • Unlike lead acid, there are no adverse environmental effects with its disposal
  • Eco-friendly production practices
    • Phase change material is created from basic commodities and produces no adverse byproducts
    • Phase change material is environmentally safe and completely biodegradable
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