Thermal Energy Storage

The term “energy storage” is typically used to refer to storing electricity, but thermal storage (storing heat and/or cold) is another type of energy storage that can be just as valuable.  Thermal storage can be used to accomplish load shifting on the electrical grid, to act as auxiliary cold storage for refrigerated shipping containers, and to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment. 

AllCell’s PCC™ material, beyond its usefulness in battery thermal management, is also effective as a thermal energy storage medium.  As a thermal storage material, PCC has twice the gravimetric energy density of lead acid batteries and is a quarter the cost of most lithium-ion batteries, a great combination of cost and performance. 

Historically ice has been used for thermal energy storage, and while it can be a good fit for many applications, AllCell’s PCC material is a better fit when any of the following are important:

  • Higher melting points
  • Better thermal conductivity
  • Simple containment / eliminating leaks
  • Modular sizing