Prevent Thermal Runaway Propagation

Thermal runaway propagation occurs when one lithium-ion cell in a pack catches on fire and spreads throughout the entire pack (and possibly vehicle or building). Hoverboards, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Boeing Dreamliner, Panasonic e-bikes, and other high profile incidents have shown how real the dangers are.

Thermal Runaway comparison

When thermal runaway occurs in a single cell, the thermal management system must be able to absorb the heat and prevent adjacent cells from getting too hot and subsequently entering thermal runaway as well. 

AllCell’s PCC™ material was designed to prevent thermal runaway propagation.  In the event that a cell enters thermal runaway, the wax in the PCC rapidly absorbs a large amount of heat, while the graphite spreads the remaining heat evenly throughout the entire pack. Extensive field tests show AllCell's PCC technology successfully prevents thermal runaway from propagating throughout the battery pack.  

Li-ion Battery Pack With AllCell PCC Li-ion Battery Pack Without AllCell PCC
pcm thermal non pcm thermal

The heat generated from the cell in thermal runaway is absorbed by the PCC.  Adjacent cells are not affected.

The heat generated from the cell in thermal runaway quickly spreads to the adjacent cells.  The whole battery pack is now a risk for a fire or explosion.


AllCell-NASA Battery Workshop Thermal Runaway Presentation 2016