Modeling and Simulation Services

Perhaps the most complicated—and important—part of battery design is modeling and predicting the system dynamics of a pack under a variety of duty cycles and environmental conditions.  In particular, improper thermal management can significantly degrade battery performance and could lead to fire or explosion.  Because product redesign is such a costly and time-intensive process, it is worth the upfront effort to ensure your initial design is as robust as possible.  AllCell has developed the tools and expertise to accurately model and simulate battery thermal and structural performance, reducing the risk of future failure or redesign.  Contact us for more information on any of the following services and analyses – all modeling is available in both 2D and 3D:

Thermal Simulation

      • Conduction, convection and ambient radiation
      • Transient and steady state analysis
      • Thermal runaway propagation
      • Cell thermal modeling
      • Phase change modeling
      • Standard and custom duty cycles

Computational Fluid Dynamics

      • Single flow: laminar and turbulent
      • Natural and forced convection  cooling

Structural Simulation

      • Natural frequency analysis
      • Stress and strain analysis
      • Buckling analysis
      • Forced frequency analysis

Cell Life Modeling

      • Empirical models based on test data
      • Cycle and calendar life estimation under different duty cycles and environmental conditions


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