Cell Testing Services

Battery design begins with a thorough understanding of each cell’s expected performance over its life in a variety of duty cycles and operating environments.  Armed with state-of-the-art cell cyclers, environmental chambers, and an accelerated rate calorimeter, AllCell’s experienced team of mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers can rapidly and accurately provide a wide range of cell performance data.  Contact us for more information on any of the following services:

Cell Characterization
Data sheets from cell manufacturers may lack required information and can be overly optimistic on occasion.  AllCell’s cell characterization service can establish and/or confirm key performance data, including electrical, thermal, and mechanical capabilities.

Cycle Life Testing and Modeling
The economics of most battery applications are highly dependent upon cell cycle life performance.  AllCell has dozens of cell cycling channels and several environmental chambers available to test a wide variety of duty cycles and environmental conditions.  Just as important, AllCell has the experience and detailed understanding of internal cell design and chemistry to construct accurate cell aging models using the minimum number of testing profiles.

Abuse and Destructive Testing
While cell cycle life is critical to delivering a cost-effective battery solution, battery economics fly out the window if a cell failure leads to a fire or an explosion.  Understanding how each cell reacts to electrical and mechanical abuse—and in particular how and when the cell fails—is the critical first step in preventing catastrophic pack failures in the field.  AllCell’s well-equipped testing lab can perform nail penetration, over-charge, short circuit, and accelerated rate calorimeter (ARC) testing, providing the data required to design a safe and robust battery.

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