White Papers and Conference Presentations

Links to white papers and conference presentations discussing various aspects of AllCell's technology and products can be accessed below:

Patents and Applications

 US 6,468,689 Thermal Management of Battery Systems – Use of phase change material for thermal management of rechargeable batteries

 US 6,942,944 Battery System Thermal Management – Application of thermally conductive matrix to phase change material to enhance thermal conductivity (within rechargeable battery)

US 8,109,324 Micro-channel Heat Exchanger with Micro-encapsulated PCM for High Heat Flux Cooling

US 8273474 B2 Battery system thermal management

WO 2015095271 A1 Flexible phase change material composite for thermal management systems

WO 2012170691 A3 Energy storage thermal management system using multi-temperature phase change materials



Peer Reviewed Technical Publications

  • Preventing thermal runaway propagation in lithium ion battery packs using a phase change composite material: An experimental study  
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