Multi-Cell Blocks

Large format lithium-ion cells are great for providing simple pack assembly. However, this usually comes at the cost of design flexibility, safety, energy density, and cost when compared to small format 18650 or 21700 cells.

AllCell’s SP Block™ product line hybridizes the approach by building large format cells from small cylindrical cells connected in parallel and surrounded by AllCell’s proprietary Phase Change Composite (PCC™) material. The PCC™ ensures temperature uniformity across the cells in the block and protects them from overheating—improving both cycle life and safety.

125p rendering                     21 70p bricks rendering

Design Considerations
When designing a custom battery using the SP Block™, the blocks can be treated like a very large cells with improved thermal properties and safety.  Each block must be mechanically secured and electrically connected to an appropriate BMS (the SP Block™ does not include a BMS or any electronics).  AllCell can assist in supplying and/or sourcing the BMS as well as in other portions of the design process as needed.

In addition to the standard versions of the SP Block™ listed on the spec sheets, AllCell can work with customers to rapidly develop customized blocks.  Beyond standard customizations like number of cells, type of cells, and geometry, AllCell can also include integrated heaters, temperature sensors, and other functional enhancements in customized blocks.