Grid-Tied Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems

The market for large grid-connected energy storage systems is still young but growing very rapidly.  AllCell has developed lithium-ion batteries of up to 300 kWh for a variety of applications that demonstrate superior performance, safety, and cost compared with the other large batteries in the market today.  Frequency regulation, demand charge reduction, grid-buffering for EV charging, and renewable integration are all well-suited for AllCell’s grid-connected systems.

AllCell produces both custom and standard grid-tied energy storage systems.  Please contact us for a copy of the data sheets for our standard products.  The table below summarizes the range of values currently available for grid-tied systems.

SpecificationRange of Values
Nominal Energy Up to 300 kWh
Nominal Voltage Up to 950 V
Peak charge/discharge rate Up to 2C

Passive Safety
Safety, and in particular stopping the propagation of thermal runaway, is one of the most important factors in designing large energy storage systems.  Most other large lithium-ion batteries employ active thermal management systems and depend on the safety of the individual lithium-ion cells.  AllCell’s approach to safety begins from the assumption that lithium-ion cells are not infallible, and that somewhere a cell will fail at some point.  AllCell’s PCC™ material was designed to effectively prevent the propagation of thermal runaway by rapidly absorbing heat while moving heat away from the failing cell.  Because AllCell’s PCC is a material solution, there are no moving parts and no energy required, ensuring that the battery is protected even when turned off or when other systems are malfunctioning.

Enhanced Cycle Life
Different applications require different types of cells to optimize performance, cost, and cycle life, and AllCell uses a variety of cell types across our products.  Every lithium-ion cell in the world is sensitive to heat (whether from discharge or the environment), and AllCell’s PCC technology can help protect those cells from overheating.  Compared to a battery system with no thermal management, batteries built with AllCell’s PCC technology improve cell cycle life by 50% - 100% by maintaining temperature uniformity across cells and limiting maximum temperature.

Rapid Development
AllCell’s team of experienced engineers can rapidly develop customized energy storage solutions.  Our proprietary PCC thermal management technology simplifies the thermal design of large systems while also providing a flexible and easy way to mechanically hold cells in place, simplifying two design steps that can be time consuming.  Our experience building systems with a number of different power, energy, and voltage requirements allows us to draw on the common elements of those designs to quickly make the required changes to meet new requirements.

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