Transportation Applications

AllCell has designed and built batteries for a wide range of hybrid and electric vehicles, including bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, skateboards, wheelchairs, dive scooters, ATVs, cars, and trucks.  Our PCC™ technology is a great fit for transportation applications and their demanding energy density, power, and safety requirements.

High discharge rates
The heat generated by a lithium-ion cell goes up exponentially as the discharge rate increases, making thermal management of applications with high pulse discharge rates challenging.  AllCell’s PCC material acts as a thermal capacitor by absorbing thermal spikes and dissipating the heat gradually over time, protecting the lithium-ion cells in the pack from rapid aging and overheating.

Energy Density
AllCell’s PCC system safely and effectively limits maximum battery temperature of even the highest energy-density lithium-ion cells, allowing the development of compact, lightweight, and long lasting batteries. 

Solar Loading
Heat is a battery’s worst enemy, whether from internal or external sources.  AllCell’s PCC can passively absorb environmental heat all day long, keeping cells cool even during discharge while the battery is exposed to direct sunlight in hot climates. 

AllCell’s innovative PCC material was originally designed to prevent overheating and fires in large lithium-ion battery systems.  Internal and external testing has demonstrated PCC’s ability to passively protect against thermal runaway propagation (click here for publications) and has passed the UL 94 V-0 flammability test. 

Cycle Life
AllCell's PCC protects cells from overheating, which dramatically improves cycle life.  Every lithium-ion cell benefits from thermal management—regardless of whether heat is generated internally during discharge or externally from the environment, it will damage cells if it is not handled properly.  AllCell’s passive technology keeps cells cool in the hottest climates and during the most demanding drive cycles.