Specialty Applications

As lithium-ion batteries continue to improve in cost, size, performance, and safety, more and more applications are turning to lithium-ion batteries.  If one of our standard batteries is not the right fit for you application, AllCell has the expertise to support rapid prototyping, production ramp-up, and commercialization of custom products.  Our design team has experience designing batteries for a diverse set of applications, from 12V up to 1000V and from 150 Wh to 300 kWh. 

AllCell has developed our own proprietary battery management system (BMS) that has the flexibility to support a wide range of voltages and power requirements, but we often use an off-the-shelf or customer-supplied BMS for custom designs.  Our team will work with you to identify the best electronics for your application. 

Every battery we design and produce integrates our proprietary PCC™ thermal management material to absorb and distribute heat within the battery pack, improving performance and safety.  If any of the following are important challenges for your application, please contact us to begin a discussion:

  • Extending cell cycle life
  • Managing high charge or discharge rates
  • Protecting cells from solar soaking or environmental heat
  • Reducing system complexity
  • Improving system size and weight
  • Preventing thermal runaway propagation
  • Reducing average system temperature
  • Eliminating active thermal management systems
  • Heating cells in cold environments