Environmental Sustainability

Enabling Electric Vehicles
AllCell is enabling the next generation of clean energy vehicles by ensuring the safety and reliability of their power source. With their inherent advantages of high energy, lightweight, and rapid recharging, lithium-ion batteries are the ideal choice for use in electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric automobiles. When lithium-ion batteries discharge their electricity, heat is generated as a byproduct. Safely managing this heat has been the key technological challenge slowing the adoption of electric vehicles. To date the solutions to thermal management have been to use over-sized batteries, battery chemistries with lower energy density, or to include bulky and expensive active cooling systems. AllCell’s passive thermal management technology requires no energy to operate and replaces the bulky, heavy, and expensive solutions that have been hindering electric vehicle battery adoption so far. Our innovative technology will accelerate the development of electric bikes, scooters, and cars that drive farther, last longer, and are cost less than today’s models.

Supporting Renewable Energy
Recent advances in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies have significantly improved the economics of clean electricity generation. Most renewable energy sources suffer from the challenge of intermittency: because the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow, renewable energy may not be available exactly when you need it. The solution is to store renewable energy when it is available for later use. AllCell’s compact, lightweight, and long-lasting batteries are the perfect complement to solar and wind applications that are portable, mobile, off-grid, or in locations where weight and maintenance costs are important. AllCell is dedicated to helping our customers incorporate renewable energy into their products and our engineers often assist in the design of fully-integrated systems. Beyond our products,

Operating Sustainably
AllCell has the goal of achieving net zero energy usage in our own operations. We recently installed a 20 kilowatt solar array on the roof of our headquarters building in Chicago, and have been pursuing a variety of energy-efficiency upgrades in our facilities. From high-efficiency lighting to better insulation to re-using electricity during battery testing, our production team has identified a variety of cost-effective energy saving measures that have us well on our way to our net zero goal.

Our energy-saving goals extend beyond our facility to include the way our employees get to and from work. AllCell is located close to several public transportation options, and is particularly supportive of bike commuting. We provide shower facilities and secure bike parking for our employees, and on some days the bikes outnumber the cars.

Using Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Materials
Batteries have earned a bad reputation for containing toxic chemicals and materials whose disposal negates many of the environmental benefits of using the batteries in the first place. While there are harmful substances contained in some older battery technologies such as lead acid, lithium-ion cells are 100% recyclable and their disposal poses no adverse environmental effects (for a list of lithium-ion battery recycling companies, click here).

In addition to the lithium-ion cells themselves, AllCell’s proprietary phase change material is composed of simple commodities that are environmentally safe and completely biodegradable. Furthermore, our research and development team is currently investigating a variety of potential uses for the scrap material generated during our production operations. As we continue to grow, we will continue to find creative ways to reduce our environmental footprint across all aspects of our business.

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