Extend Cycle Life

Each time a lithium-ion battery is used, it loses a little bit of its original capacity. Even when not in use, the battery will lose a little capacity each day.

AllCell’s PCC™ helps minimize the lifetime temperature of the pack, which slows the rate of capacity loss. The impact of heat on battery life is why high end electric vehicles have complex cooling systems for the battery packs.

Limit Maximum Temperature
In the same way that an ice cube keeps a glass of water at 32° Fahrenheit, AllCell’s PCC material limits the maximum temperature of the battery pack to the melting point of the wax within the PCC.  As the battery pack heats up, once the temperature reaches the melting point of the wax, all additional thermal energy is absorbed by the melting process rather than continuing to raise the temperature.   

Ensure Temperature Uniformity
AllCell’s PCC material not only limits maximum temperature but also ensures temperature uniformity.  The graphite within the PCC has excellent thermal conductivity properties.  As each cell discharges electricity and begins to heat up, the graphite distributes the heat evenly throughout the pack, avoiding hot spots and keeping the temperature of hottest cell no more than 3°-5° C higher than the coldest cell.