Battery Pack Testing Services

Battery pack testing is important throughout product design and launch.  Individual cell performance cannot always be aggregated to the pack level.  Regardless of whether AllCell is involved in designing your battery pack, our pack testing services are available to establish or validate pack-level performance data.  Contact us for more information on any of the following services:

Pack Characterization
AllCell can test electrical and thermal performance of packs using your specified duty cycles (up to 100V and 400A) in our environmental chambers to simulate the required temperature and humidity conditions. 

Pack Cycle Life Testing and Modeling
Battery packs are complicated products, and it can be difficult to accurately model and predict cycle life performance based on cell-level data and pack layout and design.  AllCell’s sophisticated testing equipment can confirm cycle life performance under a variety of duty cycles and environmental conditions.

UN/IATA Testing Assistance
AllCell has successfully taken dozens of batteries through the UN/IATA certification (required for safe and legal shipping of lithium-ion batteries).  The testing process can be confusing, and a failure can set back your timeline by months.  Our team is available to coordinate the process on your behalf, including up-front risk assessment as well as rapid trouble-shooting support in the event that your battery fails one of the tests.

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