Energy Storage Applications

The market for energy storage applications is diverse and growing.  AllCell’s technology provides a number of benefits compared to other lithium-ion batteries and has been used in a variety of energy storage applications, including frequency regulation, electric vehicle charging (on-grid and off-grid), solar lighting, and off-grid solar storage. 

Extended Cycle Life
By limiting maximum cell temperature while ensuring temperature uniformity, AllCell’s PCC™ material can increase pack cycle life by 50% - 100%.

Protection from Solar Loading
Heat is a battery’s worst enemy, whether from internal or external sources.  AllCell’s PCC can passively absorb environmental heat all day long, keeping cells cool even during discharge and when the battery is exposed to direct sunlight in hot climates.  While other batteries quickly lose cycle life in hot conditions (e.g. in lead acid batteries, for every 15 degrees above 77°F, battery life is cut in half), AllCell batteries remain cool while minimizing or eliminating expensive air conditioning systems. 

Managing High Discharge Rates
The heat generated by a lithium-ion cell goes up exponentially as the discharge rate increases, making thermal management of applications with high pulse discharge rates challenging.  AllCell’s PCC material acts as a thermal capacitor by absorbing thermal spikes and dissipating the heat gradually over time, protecting the lithium-ion cells in the pack from rapid aging and overheating. 

Avoiding Active Thermal Management Systems
Many large battery systems employ active thermal management systems that circulate chilled air or liquid throughout the battery to keep the cells cool.  Active systems add cost, weight, and volume to the battery, and can be complex and expensive.  Yet active systems are not 100% effective: they require energy to operate and can fail when other systems are compromised, and sometime can themselves be the source of a battery failure if they leak or malfunction.  AllCell’s PCC allows battery designs that either dramatically simplify or eliminate active systems entirely.

AllCell’s innovative phase change material (PCM) was originally designed to prevent overheating and fires in large lithium-ion battery systems.  Internal and external testing has demonstrated the technology’s ability to passively protect against thermal runaway propagation (click here for publications), and AllCell’s PCM has passed the UL 94 V-0 flammability test.