Battery Management System (BMS)

AllCell’s BMS architecture is flexible and scalable. Our BMS optimizes energy via module additions/removals to align with energy demand variations caused by seasonal temperature changes or specific events. With multi-layered safety functions and monitoring, as well as the configurability to integrate with third-party modules, AllCell BMS is tailored to meet specific customer applications and needs.

AllCell offers a scalable and flexible BMS architecture which enables:

  • Multi-layered safety functions and monitoring.

  • Configurable system architechure built off of core modules.

  • Energy optimization via module additions/removals to align with seasonal or event-driven variation in energy demand. 

  • End-of-life module swapping for extended system life.

  • BMS/Software capable of integration with third-party modules. 

BMS board.PNG

Hardware design​

  • Low voltage (<60V) platform started in 2012​

  • <150V designs available ​

  • Protection options MOSFETs or contactor available​

  • CAN communication​

  • EMI/EMC protection IEC EN15194​

  • Cell balancing, pre-charge, fault logging​​

Software design

  • Advanced SOC algorithm with 1% accuracy for 90% of the DOD range​

  • SOH computation, Thermal SOC​

  • Current/power available estimate​​